Goats! Tune in September 27th 2022 to hear our Charity and Outreach Coordinator Jhunehl Fortaleza on a panel alongside DoinGUD, Cherubim Labs and Gooddollar as they discuss DAOs for Humanity. Listen and be informed of the ocean conservation work that the AquaGoat community has accomplished over the past year.


Market Cap





Goats in Telegram

Donated to Charity


Total Turtle Nest


Baby Turtles Hatched


Pounds of Garbage Cleaned

500 Lbs


Original Supply

TInitial supply of 1 Quadrillion tokens minted at launch; a lower supply compared to V1 for a higher value per token

Static Farming

Automatically earn 4% in reflections of every transaction simply by holding Aquagoat in your wallet.


1% of every transaction goes to our Ocean Blue Fund to be used in funding ocean-related efforts and conservation initiatives..


5% of all transactions goes to locked liquidity ever increasing the price floor.

About AquaGoat

AquaGoat is a next-generation ecological Defi token with a purpose: saving our oceans.

A Portion of every transaction is sent to the AquaGoat “Ocean Blue Fund”, which is used to fund ocean clean up and marine conservation initiatives.

By putting our community members first and being open and honest about our plans and operations we intend to go far in supporting clean beaches and a healthy ocean.


AquaGoat Trail


Create Admin Team

Complete Website

Create Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Discord, Subreddit

Prepare for CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko listings

Hold community poll for charity of choice, done biweekly (First beneficiary: The Ocean Cleanup)

Develop and publish the AquaGoat AquaTrail (roadmap)

Lite Paper

Begin NFT exploration

Doxx team members to build project transparency and trust

Active marketing to sustain community growth and value appreciation

Expand Admin team to accommodate next phase of growth

List with relevant cryptocurrency sites: CoinMarketCap, LiveCoinWatch, StockTwits, Delta

Research and development of proprietary DEX/Swap/Farm platform

List on multiple Centralized Exchanges

Obtain CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko listings

Launch AquaGoat Educational series, teaching investors about AquaGoat, token safety checks, general cryptocurrency understanding, etc.

Research and development of AquaGoatTrack interest-tracking app


Partnership with FOSTER (Friends of Sea Turtle Education & Research) and WWF Malaysia Board Member Alexander Yee, the first person to complete a land transaction using Bitcoin in Malaysia

Construction of the AquaGoat Sea Turtle Hatchery on Libaran Island at Walai Penyu Conservation Park, voted “Best Tourism Product” of Sabah Tourism Award 2019 and ASEAN Sustainable Tourism Standard [Rural Category] 2022 & 2023

Daily beach cleaning funded fully in AquaGoat Tokens for a whole year, stimulating the local economy of Libaran Island

AquaGoat featured on several dozen newspapers, magazines, billboards, television interviews, and youtube channels

Adoption of 10 coral reef seedlings with Coral Vita

Adoption of 2 dolphins with Ocean Conservation Society

Adoption of a Marine-Protected Environment in the Philippines as the pioneer partner of the MPA program for the Haribon Foundation

Daily beach cleaning funded fully in AquaGoat Tokens for a whole year, stimulating the local economy of Libaran Island

Donation to the Parley emergency fund towards the Sri Lankan oil spill

10 community-led donations, totaling over $45,000, to reputable ocean-based organizations including the Ocean Clean Up, Sea Shepherd, and Blue Marine Foundation.

Slam Token partnership with 50% of bankroll regularly donated to charity

Formed various partnerships with charities that now use AquaGoat as a funding strategy

World Ocean Day world-wide clean-up campaign and partnership with the official WOD organization

Signed the #Protect30x30 American Nature Campaign commitment to protect 30% of America’s lands and ocean by 2030

Launch of the AquaGoat Merchandise Store

Successful Certik audit, SafeFairMoon audit, and ImmuneBytes audit of V1 contract

Phase 1 of AquaGoat Swap (with Antier) Unique single-token and multi-token Charity Raffle. Introduction of randomized buyback pool, powered by ChainLink

Attend the United Nations-endorsed Oceans Conference in San Diego, California

Membership with the Marine Technology Society

Mr. Beast #TeamSeas campaign

Half a dozen in-person clean-ups of lakes, riverbeds, and beaches in partnership with Mrs. California Earth 2021 Vivienne Frederiksen-Santos

$7,000 fundraised in partnership with Mrs. California Earth for the non-profit Beauties for a Cause .

Headline Partner of the Miss Earth USA Pageant, the preliminary to the international Miss Earth Pageant which seeks to impact the health of the planet and showcase environmental needs and eco-tourism opportunities around the globe.

AquaGoat commercials and interview aired on the VIP Channel on Roku, AppleTV, Amazon, and streaming on the VIP app in partnership with Miss Earth USA.

Website, Lite Paper, and Roadmap Version 2.0.

Passed Dessert Finance Audit of V2 contract.

Creation of AquaGoat Community Forum

Creation of first AquaGoat NFTs, driven by ERC721 and IPFS graphic metadata storage decentralized technology.

Explore third-party market integration to allow trading NFTs

Expand Admin team to accommodate project growth.

Launch of FOSTER President Alexander Yee’s book A Tale of 30,000 Turtles with a chapter featuring AquaGoat.

AquaGoat tokens accepted as a form of payment on Libaran Island

Introduction of “buy” button and integrate e-commerce payments

Continually expand charity partnership network through community-led polls and outreach efforts

Promote store-of-value and expand method-of-donation use case with partnered charity organizations.

Research into AquaGoat NFT in-house exchange architecture

Research and release beta version of AquaGoat mobile/dApp video game

Develop clean-up event resources on the AquaGoat website for worldwide use

Development of AquaGoat Patreon program

Launch of AquaGoat SquareUp credit card reader

Explore Cross Chain Technologies

Adopt a Turtle Certificate and NFT from the AquaGoat Sea Turtle Hatchery

Deploy metadata driven multi-attribute Max the Goat NFTs and multi-color PooCoin ads marketing blitz

Phase 2 of AquaGoat Swap (with Antier) Swap/DEX release Charity Basket Locked Stake-to-Vote Pool and Farm Staking Introduction of Utility/Governance Token “Global Fees-to-Buyback Pool” structure

Release AquaGoat play-to-earn mobile video game with online leaderboard and community prizes!!

Launch of online AquaGoat Wallet Dashboard and Token Tracker Version 2.0

Implementation of Cross Chain Bridge

Research and develop charity-based donation system

Continue to expand charity partnership network through regular outreach and collaboration

Phase 3 of AquaGoat Swap AquaGoat NFT Marketplace Community Voting Token Launch Platform Structured community-driven governance in conjunction with allocated delegate multi-signature voting

Establish the AquaGoat Ecological Foundation, a standalone ecological conservation organization

Expand NFT program integrating the Metaverse

Integration and development of the AquaGoat Debit Card

Open the AquaGoat Scholarship Program, supporting youth with a passion for saving the ocean in continuing on with higher education

Host worldwide community clean-up events and other charity-related functions

Explore collaborations with other Metaverse ecosystems

Research into the development of additional decentralized applications

Establish physical AquaGoat office locations to facilitate ecological operations

Expand AquaGoat Blockchain research and development

Research into tokenization of AquaGoat partners

Expand locations and platforms where AquaGoat tokens are utilized as payment

Launch of original AquaGoat publications

Explore player-vs-player games with winner-takes-all token wagers with a percentage going to the AquaGoat Ocean Blue Fund

Grand giveaway worth $20,000+

Stay Tuned… More to come!