Goats! Tune in September 27th 2022 to hear our Charity and Outreach Coordinator Jhunehl Fortaleza on a panel alongside DoinGUD, Cherubim Labs and Gooddollar as they discuss DAOs for Humanity. Listen and be informed of the ocean conservation work that the AquaGoat community has accomplished over the past year.


Market Cap





Goats in Telegram

Donated to Charity


Total Turtle Nest


Baby Turtles Hatched


Pounds of Garbage Cleaned

500 Lbs


Original Supply

TInitial supply of 1 Quadrillion tokens minted at launch; a lower supply compared to V1 for a higher value per token

Static Farming

Automatically earn 4% in reflections of every transaction simply by holding Aquagoat in your wallet.


1% of every transaction goes to our Ocean Blue Fund to be used in funding ocean-related efforts and conservation initiatives..


5% of all transactions goes to locked liquidity ever increasing the price floor.

About AquaGoat

AquaGoat is a next-generation ecological Defi token with a purpose: saving our oceans.

A Portion of every transaction is sent to the AquaGoat “Ocean Blue Fund”, which is used to fund ocean clean up and marine conservation initiatives.

By putting our community members first and being open and honest about our plans and operations we intend to go far in supporting clean beaches and a healthy ocean.