AquaGoat Team

Meet the team who is giving their all to aid other creatures that we share our planet with and give a voice to those that have none.

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Jhunehl Fortaleza

Charity and Outreach Coordinator

Jhunehl is an enthusiastic and passionate educator and advocate. From a young age, Jhunehl has focused much of her efforts into giving back to the community and spreading awareness about societal and environmental issues, both at the local and global level.So far, Jhunehl has been instrumental in organizing AquaGoat's partnerships, charities, in-person events, and community clean-ups.

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Apinan Issarakura
Na Ayutthaya

Software Developer

Apinan is a full-stack developer experienced in developing front-end software applications using HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, and Dart, and utilizing back-end technologies such as Node.js, Restful APIs, and GraphQL. Apinan is also well-versed in database management technologies such as PostgreSQL and MongoDB and is experienced in mobile developments using technologies such as Swift and Flutter. For deployment, change control, and automation of continuous integration delivery - Apinan brings a solid understanding to the table and has a strong background in linux administration and also technologies such as Jenkins, Github Actions, Bash, and Git.

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Crypto Enthusiast since 2011

Seth enjoys creating art and promoting cryptography. He lives in an oceanside town and truly supports the preservation our oceans.